A Canyon Country Addict Goes Public


I got my first glimpse of canyon country in the summer of 1995. Having just graduated from college, I decided to celebrate by taking my 10-year old son to see Yellowstone and the national parks of southern Utah. I grew up on the Atlantic coast of Florida, so our family vacations involved either heading to Sanibel Island or Disney World. Southern Utah’s remote wilderness of meandering rivers, deep canyons, and redrock sandstone was like another planet to me, and I could barely wrap my head around the surreal landscape I saw. I was awestruck—and hooked. So hooked, in fact,that one […]

5 Jaw-Dropping Scenic Overlooks

Dead Horse Point

People travel from all over the globe to see the geologic artwork of Utah’s canyon country—layers of red, orange, and brown rocks. Rivers winding through deep, narrow canyons. Sandstone eroded into mushroom-shaped hoodoos and arches that are large enough to fly a plane through. And most visitors are drawn to the area by the photos they’ve seen. Here are five scenic overlooks that will make you thankful you don’t have to buy film for your camera anymore. So, snap away…or better yet, put the camera down for a spell and take in the power of nature through your senses rather […]

5 Great Canyon Country Coffee Stops


A recent lodging trend is that hotels and motels provide free breakfast to their guests, ranging from a full hot buffet to a simple toast and pastries offering. The quality can sometimes be surprisingly good, but the cuppa Joe you’ll get from the big banquet-style coffee urn is often, well, tolerable at best. I’ll admit I’m a bit of a coffee snob, which probably comes partially from the fact that I lived in France for a year in my younger days. Ahhh…the espresso and croissants. Since I’m basically one of those folks who doesn’t start the morning without a cup […]